Brown Folk in the Outdoors, Spring ’17 Update

So in my long, lamentable stretch working, I’ve seen a lot of rad articles from a lot of rad places about brown folk, specifically brown women, getting outside and doing stuff, that I thought I’d share with y’all:

Rahawa Haile (AT ’16) has been doing a bunch of talking and writing: for Atlas Obscura, for Buzzfeed, for Outside Magazine. She writes with a soul-soothing voice that’s exactly what I’ve needed over the last few months. I look up to her, for real.

Chardonnay (PCT ’15, AT Section ’16) is at it again, about to start a CDT thru; you can find her on her blog here.

Mallory and X have just started their AT journey; they’re blogging about it here.

Snorkel is doing all things outdoorsy, including an urban brewhike and getting published; more on the latter here.

Minda Honey has a recent-ish piece on that’s a little more frontcountry-oriented, but no less powerful for that.

Meanwhile, groups like Outdoor Afro and Latino Outdoors are gearing up for the coming seasons.

We’re coming outside, and ain’t nothing gonna hold us back.

I’m 100% sure that I’m missing stuff; if you guys have blogs/books/podcasts/YouTube channels you know that are run by brown folk doing cool stuff outdoors (where my brown men at?!), let me know in the comments!

Colorado Rockies Ruck: Full Docket

Friday morning, I’m just settling into my to-do list and I get a call – it’s my new employer, wanting to know if I’m available to pick up some more work. Mama need to make dat skrilla, so yes, yes I am available. When I arrive, settle into the scope of the project, I fear I may have bitten off more than I can chew; the work’s certainly entertaining enough, but having picked it up in the middle of doing things it goes a lot more slowly than I would like. 14 hours later, I regret everything – it’s 2:30am, and I’ve got the Rockies Ruck tomorrow. And by tomorrow, I mean I need to be up in four hours. Hoo boy. Here we go. Continue reading

Going Home

One of the bonuses about my upcoming foray into more teaching and professional road-tripping as a Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainer is that the region we’ve been assigned is the region where I spent my formative years. It’s so strange to think that after all this traveling, after living on two other continents and in a boatload of other states to boot, I’m gonna wind up right back where I started. Kind of. Sort of.  Continue reading

Ruckin’ Around

Spring has sprung, the move’s complete, I’ve updated the Gear List to reflect my PCT gear, and I’m stoked for the ALDHA-West Colorado Rockies Ruck, set to go down this Saturday, March 11th in Golden, Colorado!

Basically a convention for section hikers, thruhikers and would-be thruhikers, this year features vendors like Granite Gear, Gossamer Gear, and Mont-bell, a gear panel, an hour for one-on-one pack shakedowns, a Leave No Trace presentation, lightning and water safety demonstrations, breakout sessions to talk specific trails, and a keynote given by Jean Ella, the first woman to hike the Continental Divide Trail. I’m heavily involved this year as a part of the gear panel, a pack shaker-downer, and the PCT breakout session facilitator.

I’ve been going to this event for three years running, and it’s always a good time; tickets, which include breakfast, lunch, and social hour afterwards, are $35 – but what you get is well-worth the price. So if you’re looking for something to do Saturday, and you’re in the area, I hope you’ll join us for a hikertrashy good time!

Next Steps

After months of stasis, things are finally starting to come alive again. And it’s not just the winter, which felt shorter than usual – it’s been rare that I’ve worn a coat in the last two weeks – but after a dearth of work, a dearth of purpose, things are finally picking back up on the life front.  Continue reading

Wrap-Up: Less a Donation, More a Trade

So I’ve had a number of people ask me if there’s a way they can thank me for finishing the PCT blog. Some people have already done so, by donating to me via PayPal or sending me wonderfully soft and comfortable presents – and to those people, THANK YOU ❤ THANK YOU SO MUCH. Still, I’ve felt like I should be giving folks something in return. I mean, yeah, I wrote this blog, and that’s cool and all, but I mean something a bit more substantial.

Enter Patreon, and its lovely method of giving things as you get things.

If you decide that you want to thank me monetarily, then for increments as low as $1 a month, you’ll get things like audio notes from my hike, video updates on recovery/planning/current hikes/writing, or even live video chats with me. You’re not obligated to stick around for more than a month, either, so no worries there.

I’ll be using this funding to write a book about my hike – which I’m hoping to complete within a calendar year, if not sooner – for blog upkeep, and, knowing me, for thank yous, once the book is released.

All that said, please allow me to emphatically state that you do not need to do this. 

I am NOT suddenly going to hide any of my blog behind a paywall, or stop blogging, or anything like that. I’ve just had people asking, so I figured I’d find a way to work it that was mutually beneficial. Future thruhikes will be blogged just like the last two were, albeit hopefully with less lag time between finishing the hike and finishing the write-up. But if you’d like a sneak peek, or to take a look at the woman behind the curtain, please do feel free to peruse the rewards here, and please know that whatever you decide – even if it’s just continuing to follow along here – is greatly appreciated.

There are more posts in the works, but given that life has gotten a little bit hectic since finishing the blog, I’ve decided to switch to a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule. So on Friday, I’m hoping to finally be able to talk about what I’m doing this summer. Stay tuned!

For those who have already sent me things as a thank you, please do feel free to get in touch (which can be done here) if you’re interested, and I’ll totally hook you up with rewards.

TIL – Incidental Mountain Climber

I get informed upon waking that our friend Pajamas is in town, which is a rare treat – he’s building a climbing center in Nepal, and only gets a few months off a year. He comes over to hang out, asks Spesh and I if we want to go hiking. Sure, I say – it’s gorgeous out, and my student for the day has cancelled on me, so I’m definitely interested in doing something outside-ish. Between the winter and the knee recovery and whatnot, I haven’t done much in the way of hiking since I’ve been back, and I think it’s time to test the healing out. Pajamas did Green Mountain yesterday, so he’s wanting to do South Boulder Peak, maybe Bear Peak today. Alright, I’m down. So we load up the car and set out into the morning. Continue reading